Jacob Rush in Law

Jacob Rush at the Supreme court with Chief Justice Roberts.

Criminal Law - To Uphold and Defend the Constitution (photo w/ Chief Justice John Roberts)


From the streets of Alachua County as a Deputy Sheriff to the Federal Courthouse as a lawyer - well-rounded to handle any issue that may come up in criminal court.

  • Felony and misdemeanor trial experience
  • VOP, bond, first appearance
  • Stand Your Ground self-defense immunity

Jacob Rush at the Florida Supreme Court with Chief Justice Labarga.

Civil Law - Complex Disputes (photo w/ Chief Justice Labarga)

Complex civil matters with experience in the civil courtroom.

  • Tried civil cases to verdict in State and Federal court
  • Injunctions, complex business cases, injury law, insurance contracts, summary judgment, Baker Act

Jacob Rush reading to school children as part of a Rotary community project.

Educator - Sharing Knowledge with Others

  • Trial Practice instructor to other lawyers for Florida Bar CLE (continuing legal education) credit
  • Host of Professionalism CLE
  • Apellate Advocacy Judge at UF Law
  • Justice Teacher, teaching the Constitution to schoolchildren
  • Speaker for UF Law and Pre-Law
  • Law enforcement instructor

Jacob Rush in Law Enforcement


Deputy Sheriff - before and after law school

Started in the courtroom as a bailiff, then  became a patrol deputy.

After becoming a lawyer, Jacob came back as a volunteer deputy, serving for zero pay.


10-8 Go-Getter

Honor Guard


High Risk Warrant Service school

Aviation (chopper)


Protecting the Community

Catching the criminal, putting the case together, securing the conviction.